Clarity VCS Video Wall Processor

Clarity® Visual Control Station™ (VCS™) is a flexible and easy-to-use video wall processor designed to capture, display and manage multiple sources on a video wall.

It supports a wide variety of visual inputs including analog, digital, and IP network-based video and computer sources.

All-in-one Complete Hardware and Software Solution

The Clarity VCS video wall processor is fully configurable to drive video walls of up to 64 high resolution displays. Using the Windows® 7-based VCS™ Control Software v5, visual sources can be positioned and resized individually anywhere on the video wall or can instantly revert to one of many preset layouts. The Clarity VCS video wall processor is designed for easy set-up, easy use, and easy maintenance.

New in the Next-Generation Clarity VCS

  • Network-centric collaboration tools
  • Extensive control of the software’s user access permissions with the integrated user rights management system
  • Expanded connection options including 4K Display Port and IP Capture
  • Powerful and user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Scalable from small to large installations
  • Clarity VCS Control Software v5 available in Standard and Enterprise Editions

Clarity VCS Hardware

The Clarity VCS video wall processor utilizes a 4U rack-mountable chassis with high performance PCI Express backplane. With its choice of powerful server-class CPUs, RAID 0 1 hard drives and redundant power supplies, Clarity VCS is both powerful and reliable.

Clarity VCS is preloaded with 64-bit Windows® 7, ensuring compatibility with the latest user applications. By adding one or more expansion chassis, Clarity VCS can easily support an increased number of high resolution displays and sources. Clarity VCS includes VCS Graphics DP4 output cards, each with the ability to drive four displays at up to 2560 x 1600 resolution or two displays at up to 3840 x 2160 resolution.

Broad Range of Source Capture

Clarity VCS offers a selection of cards to capture and display a wide range of visual sources. High resolution video sources can be connected using Display Port, DVI, HDMI, component HD, analog RGB, Dual Link DVI, SDI (SD, HD, 3G), composite, S-Video and IP Sources. Collaboration tools allow users to share their individual screens on the video wall. Additionally, Windows® applications can be installed and used as content sources on Clarity VCS. Through different configurations, captured sources and local files can be displayed simultaneously to provide the flexibility and freedom of choice that is unachievable with many video wall processors.

Control and Monitoring Software

VCS Control Software v5 provides a visual environment to control the entire video wall layout. With VCS Control Software, windows on the video wall can be opened, positioned and sized. Multiple layouts can be saved, recalled and sources can be rotated with scheduling features. The VCS Control Software interface dynamically adjusts to display whatever type of source is connected to the processor. The software’s interface complies with the familiar Windows® design standards, making it intuitive and easy to learn.

The VCS Control Software v5 provides powerful collaboration tools including an integrated user rights management system and screen sharing capabilities. The user rights management system has 16 different access permissions to allow customized access in the VCS Control Software. Customized access rights may include access to content, scheduler, or specific sections on the screen. The software can support its own directory or can sync with the Microsoft® Active Directory™.

Flexible Operation

VCS Control Software v5 runs directly on the Clarity VCS video wall processor and can be managed on any local or network connected desktop using Windows® 7 OS and linked to a Clarity VCS video wall processor. Clarity VCS can also be controlled by any networked device with web browsing capabilities through the software’s web interface control panel. VCS Control Software supports HTTP requests and TCP/IP commands.